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History of Poowong

The small parish of Poowong nestled in the rolling hills of South Gippsland, like much of the district was covered in dense rainforest. Early European settlers spend many hard years clearing the vast forest of giant trees, ferns, swordgrass & undergrowth until the township was established in the 1870’s.

The first public building to open was the picturesque Wesleyan Church, built surrounded by the rainforest. This building also served as the first school & was used by the Church of England. In 1981 the building was purchased by the Poowong Historical Group Inc. and is now known as the ‘The Pioneer Chapel.

Poowong - The Town Today

Today Poowong is a small village surrounded on all sides by dairy farms and lush countryside.
The township radiates pleasant country hospitality and a rich history that can be viewed as you wander through town past the historic Pioneer Chapel and cemetery.

One of Poowongs current day treasures is the Sculpture Park located on the Poowong-Nyora Road. The park holds a small number of beautiful wooden sculptures and has spectacular views of South Gippsland,an ideal spot for a picnic.

When visiting the Prom Country Visitor Information Centres be sure to pick up a free copy of the 'History of Poowong' brochure to find of more on this township.

*Information on history gathered from Poowong Historical Society.


Poowong - Town Facilities

Poowong Library, 18 Ranceby Road

18 Ranceby Road
Internet access available
Opening hours: Thurs 3.30-5.30, Fri 11-12.30 and 1.30-4.30

Parks & Playgrounds
Recreation Reserve, Druin Road (Toilets, BBQ)

Post Office
Poowong Post Office, 10 Ranceby Road

Poowong IGA Supermarket, 17-19 Ranceby Road


Quick facts about Poowong
- Approximately 93 kilometres south-east of Melbourne

Poowong - Activities and attractions
- Poowong Pioneer Chapel
- Sculpture Park
- Historic cemetery

How to get to Poowong
Poowong is approx 93 km drive from Melbourne along the South Gippsland Highway.

Poowong Walking & Cycling

Walkers welcomeDogs are allowedHenry Littledyke ReserveNyora, Poowong