History of Koonwarra
- Like Meeniyan, Koonwarra was a railway station on the South Gippsland line in South Gippsland, Victoria. The station was opened during the 1890s and operated until 1991, when the line to Barry Beach servicing the oil fields in Bass Strait was closed, the line was then dismantled and turned into the Great Southern Rail Trail.

- One of Victoria's most interesting fossil beds is at Koonwarra in South Gippsland. This fossil bed has been dated at 115-118 million years old, and contains the remains of fish, plants, insects, crustaceans, spiders, worms, bird feathers and a horseshoe crab. There are also freshwater bryozoans and a mussel.

Koonwarra - The Town Today
- Koonwarra is proud of its pioneers and is now a leader in environmental innovations, striving to educate everyone in environment awareness and sustainable living whilst encouraging an even greater community spirit.

- It is a picturesque Village with strong traditional community groups such as the CFA, Memorial Hall Committee and Recreation Reserve Committee which maintains this scenic reserve at a very high standard.

- Koonwarra is also well known for fine food and wine, contemporary arts and craft, innovative health and well being services, a leader in promoting organic foods, plastic bag free, Australia's first Waste Wise Village, home of Greenfleet Australia. Regional Farmers Markers and the Slow Food initiatives were conceived here and have spread to other areas.

- Although the South Gippsland Highway now almost bypasses the town the Village cannot be missed with its painted swan and wetlands Koonwarra sign, avenues of trees planted over the last couple of years and the new parkland surrounding a new toilet block for visitors. Two community sign boards are prominent and we are currently working with Council on the erection of an innovative sculptural community signboard to be placed on the highway to draw travellers into a town by displaying community events. This sign is also to advertise the fact we are 'Waste Wise'.

*Information on history and the town today was gathered from the Koonwarra District website - http://koonwarra.vic.au/ and Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia website.

Quick facts about Koonwarra
- Approximately 128 km kilometres south-east of Melbourne
- First Eco-wise town in Australia

Koonwarra - Activities and attractions
- South Gippsland Farmers Market
- Great Southern Rail Trail
- Lyre Bird Hill winery
- Koonwarra Day Spa
- The Escential Shop
- Valley Plains pottery

How to get to Koonwarra
Koonwarra is approx 128km drive from Melbourne along the South Gippsland Highway.

Koonwarra Walking & Cycling

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