WHAT MAKES US TICK? Stockyard Gallery Volunteers and Annual Textiles Exhibition 2018
"The things that motivate someone: the reasons why a person behaves in a certain way"- 24 May to 16 July 2018

Stockyard Gallery could not operate if it were not for the many individuals who provide their time, skills and interest in the operations of the gallery. This exhibition is a celebration of the contributions these many individuals collectively make to our community and includes work from the myriad of textile artists in our district.
Many of our volunteers are practicing artists, both amateur and professional. Some are interested in The Arts but not necessarily makers of art (but some say life is a work of art). Some want to contribute meaningfully to their community and some value the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals. We are very fortunate that for whatever reason, they make Stockyard a very special gallery

This exhibition is an opportunity for every volunteer to showcase their art - life included. There will be demonstrations of some of the tools and equipment used in the creation of works as well as allow us to bring to light some of the personal interests and obsessions(!) of some of our volunteers in the form of displays which may include mowers and brush-cutters and even kitchen utensils.
It's all "what makes us tick"
Date/Time: 24 May to 16 July 2018
Gallery open daily, 10am to 4pm