Music event

‘The Gob-Iron String Band’ come out of Melbourne’s back-yard and beer-garden Old Timey scene. Forged on a shared obsession for early appalachian and cajun fiddle tunes, the incorporation of the harmonica (or Gob-Iron) gives this band a ‘honk’ that make folks want to dance. The Gob-Iron String Band are Nara DeMason, Charlie Sandford, Peter Graham, Moira Hanrahan and Tobias Hengeveld.

'Cat & Clint' are an Old Time Duo featuring sweet vocal harmonies, 5-string banjo, fiddle, banjo ukulele and mountain dulcimer. They are inspired and driven by Traditional Appalachian Mountain Music and the passing down of fiddle tunes and ballads through generations of players from Australia and the USA. Whether it’s a murder ballad, a song of longing and heartbreak, a crooked fiddle tune or a rollicking banjo song, Cat and Clint endeavor to present this music with the authenticity and respect that it demands. The duo mix up their repertoire with Clints original songs and a good dose of vintage country blues.

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Date/Time: Friday 5 October - Ruby Hall
Saturday 6 October - Yanakie Hall
Sunday 7 October - Hallston Hall