Port Discovery Drive

Port Franklin Port Welshpool Port Albert

Port Franklin, Port Welshpool and Port Albert. Three ports located within an easy one-hour drive. More of a destination drive, than a scenic drive, this route allows easy access to three historic ports located in picturesque townships.

Starting (or ending) in Port Franklin, the smallest of the three ports, follow Port Franklin Road then onto Lower Toora Road. Continue on Lower Toora Road until you reach the outskirts of Toora, then turn left onto Grip Road. Drive along Grip Road until it connects with the South Gippsland Highway.

Turn right on to the South Gippsland Highway until you reach Welshpool. At Welshpool turn right onto Port Welshpool Road and continue along the road until you reach Port Welshpool. After exploring the port area, return back along Port Welshpool Road and then turn right onto the South Gippsland Highway. Continue along the highway until you reach the Port Albert turn-off. Turn right onto Yarram-Port Albert Road and continue along the road until you reach a roundabout. Follow Tarraville Road (and township signage) until you reach historic Port Albert.