Radio Stations

Western parts of Prom Country are within range of most metropolitan Melbourne AM/FM/DAB+ radio stations, but as you travel eastwards, reception for these radio stations may diminish. Hilly areas of Prom Country, especially, have limited ability to receive Melbourne radio stations.

Gippsland-based radio stations can be received very well in most parts of Prom Country.

Such stations include:

  • 100.7 FM ABC Gippsland Local Radio (news, talk, etc.)
  • 96.7 FM ABC Triple J (modern music)
  • 101.5 FM ABC Classic FM (classical music)
  • 95.1 ABC News Radio (news)
  • 531 AM - 3GG (various)
  • 3MFM 88.1 FM (Leongatha) 89.1 FM (Phillip Island) 89.5 FM (Foster) (community news and music)

Mobile Phone and Mobile Internet Reception

Australia is home to three major mobile phone networks: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. All are GSM-based networks.
3G coverage is widespread. 4G coverage is available on selected networks in major cities and regional areas.


Visit for official coverage maps.


Visit for official coverage maps.


Visit for official coverage maps.