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Scenic drives are the feature of a new promotion that will be launched this Easter. Prom Country Regional Tourism has put together 14 driving routes from across South Gippsland that will be promoted in a new ‘Drive. Explore. Discover.” campaign.

As part of the campaign 50,000 drives brochures will be inserted into the RACV RoyalAuto magazine, which will be distributed between 22 and 30 March. An additional 10,000 brochures will be distributed within South Gippsland to encourage locals to discover, or rediscover, some of the amazing drives that are available right on our doorstep.

The routes all feature scenic views or interesting outlooks but vary in distance and difficulty. Longer routes include the ‘Penguins to the Prom’ and ‘The Prom to Tarra Bulga’ drives which connect key parks. Shorter drives include drives around local townships such as the ‘Arawata Scenic Drive’, ‘Bena – Kongwak Drive’, ‘Mount Fatigue Drive’ and a loop drive around Bena, Loch and Poowong. There are also three waterfalls drives to encourage visitors and locals, to discover Agnes Falls, Turtons Falls and Morwell River Falls.

The eight-page brochure provides a snapshot of what to expect on each drive, however visitors are encouraged to visit the website for more detailed directions and updated road conditions.
The drives have also been added to the Prom Country app, which is available from the App Store or Google Play. App users can simply select which drive they would like to complete then tap the “Drive Route” button. The route can then be followed in real time, on the user’s smartphone or tablet device. Provided “Drive Route” is selected when the phone is in service, the route will continue to be mapped out, even if the phone drops out of mobile reception.

“We are very pleased to be launching this campaign,” said Philip Botte, Prom Country Regional Tourism Chair. “Prom Country is fortunate to have a diverse range of scenic landscapes that can be admired from the comfort of your car. Driving is a popular pursuit for many visitors and is also an activity that can be undertaken year-round. We look forward to welcoming driving visitors to the region”.

The Scenic Drives section on the website will be updated regularly and there is a possibility for new drives to be added. A drives competition will also run until 30 June to help further promote the Prom Country Region.
Copies of the new drives brochure can be picked up from Prom Country Visitor Information Centres in Korumburra or Foster. To view the drives or enter the competition, go to
During summer, South Gippsland, or Prom Country as it often referred, is brimming with activity. People arrive as soon as the sun appears, flocking to local beaches and taking in pristine ocean views and indulging in a variety of water-based activities.

In Prom Country, we are fortunate to have a large amount of beachside havens nestled along our coastlines. The townships of Venus Bay, Walkerville, Waratah Bay and Sandy Point are small communities offering access to some of the best beaches in Victoria. Just a little bit further along the coast, surrounding the Corner Inlet, are a number of villages that are positively revered by fishing enthusiasts: Yanakie, Port Franklin and Port Welshpool.

The sweeping coastline of Prom Country means that although there may be people in town, our beaches are never hectic. Unlike other countries where you can struggle to find room for a towel… in Prom Country your only decision is what part of the beach do you want that towel to go?
The South Gippsland region, popularly known as Prom Country, offers spectacular scenery year-round.
However, as summer approaches (with Usain Bolt-like quickness) its timely to reflect on one of the things that makes spring so special in the southern-most part of Victoria.... the weather!

They say that Melbourne offers visitors 'four seasons in one day'... well in South Gippsland (in spring) it can be more like 12! We started the season off with uncharacteristic sunshine that lulled local South Gippslanders into a sun-drenched daze. People started to naively think that perhaps winter had passed; that it had been packed up and buried under the bed with last season's coats and jumpers. But no, alas, it was only hiding away and at the start of October it jumped up to say 'hello' greeting us with cold temperatures and high-speed winds.

Strangely though, some of these early October days presented the region with some truly magnificent vistas. Grey clouds strewn across the sky, contrasting starkly with the rolling green hills in the foreground. Coastal views that could be chilly, but so worth the effort of donning the scarf and filling the thermos full of coffee. I know many photographers love the crazy, springtime weather that is offered in South Gippsland. The colours are immense and the unpredictability can lead to the capturing of some truly magical moments on film... or perhaps digital. Does anyone use film anymore in this, the year of Instagram?

Then before we knew it, the winds subsided and the sun re-emerged... again. The locals looked to the skies happily but cautiously... perhaps this time winter would be over?

Some people don't like the mix of weather we have in Prom Country. But others (myself included) thrive on its eclectic nature. I remember once when travelling in far north Queensland, I came across a gentleman that was running boat tours along a popular river. As he steered the boat down the river, with the brown waters happily lapping along its sides, I asked 'if it was nice having such consistent sunshine, day in and day out?' He turned to me and asked me where I was from. I replied 'South Gippsland'. He smiled and told me that he used to live near Inverloch. He then preceded to tell me that 'no' he didn't like the weather. 'I miss the South Gippsland weather' he said, 'I miss the unpredictability...'

So next time you're thinking of taking a holiday or perhaps a day-trip to or around Prom Country, don't be dissuaded if the weather turns a little grey. Just think, that somewhere, out there in a land far, far away (or perhaps Queensland) someone is wishing they had weather just like it!